I wrote a blog recently in which I talk about my dreams and ambitions and how hope alone does not achieve results. Dreams require more than the power of one to make them real ….

It became evident to me that despite my best intentions and efforts that being the only one who had the desire to make certain things happen was never going to be enough. At the time I could not find enough people who were willing to share at least a part of the journey with me and enjoy the support that we could have offered to each other we each achieved the things that were so important to us.

Instead I was plagued with “are you sure you want to do that?” “hah – that’s impossible – how on earth is that going to work?” ” ah but …….”, “why?” or “what for?”

Or the worst of them all “Well if you set your sights much lower then you won’t be disappointed when you don’t succeed!”

At first I knew why. I knew what I wanted to do it all for. Confident that I knew how I was going to do it all. I was fighting fit and was willing to have a go and see what I could do. But it was not enough.

Thankfully – things are different now.

Napoleon Hill, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen, Michael Gerber and all of those other authors, gurus and icons of success say the same thing again and again.

You can’t do it alone.

How true!

I am a team of just one person. I do not have a partner or work in a company or belong to a local community of people around me who share the same interests. Right now I have to do it as a team of one – well not unless you count the cat who actually is just interested in being fed, cuddled and being able to sleep in cosy places. She’s not even very good at catching the mouse in the house – being frightened of small brown things leaping out at her at every corner! But actually I am a team of ONE with access to the team of many …..

As many people already know – I have my Bristol Boardroom  which gives me access to a team of experts and friends who care enough about each other to offer support, encouragement and if necessary tough love. We all want to see each other succeed and are willing to invest time and effort in listening and learning about what each of us hope to achieve. There is patience, acceptance, tolerance but don’t expect to be able to pull the wool over our eyes – we ain’t easily fooled. However, whatever anyone brings to the group is treated with respect, compassion and absolutely no judgement.

The aim is to find best routes to success. I like that!

I have two quests over the coming weeks. I will be sharing this with my Boardroom this week. There will be some very frank but supportive feedback about my aims.

So …. are you trying to do it all by yourself?

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