Anyone who has ever met me knows that I am very much a gregarious human being who loves to meet interesting people. In fact I love people. I love their stories, I get a kick out of listening to their tales of adventure and exploration, and hearing about their great loves, phenomenal opportunities and exciting business gains (or losses). Everyone has a story to tell. But ….. there is a proviso …… tell me with passion and a glint in your eye show me your excitement at the thrills of your adventures. Use every superlative in the dictionary. Be creative and inventive in how you convey the inspiration that started your particular journey.

Why am I doing this? Why do I really really want to know about you?

I know that this community is huge and not everyone interacts in the same way that I do. I know that there is treasure hidden in the masses and I don’t want to miss the nuggets of gold lurking just beneath the surface. I am looking for a particular type of person and I will know when I have found them. But apart from that I do think that there are some of us who don’t sing enough about what gets us up in the morning. What drives us to work long hours? What makes us cross the globe – back and forth time and again taking us away from our home and loved ones? There must be good reason behind it surely? 2010 for me is about sharing passions. I feel that we can learn a lot from each other.

So why? Really why? What’s the catch?

Whilst talking with a fellow networker a couple of weeks ago, I was trying to explain what exactly I am doing and what I am looking for. And yes I really am looking for one or two people specifically for a particular role. Of course, what I do never fits into the normal format of things – you know the sort of thing – job vacancy + job spec + job advert = lots of applicants (hopefully) + interviews +/- bit of negotiation = job done. I tried to explain that I could probably – given enough time – talk with anyone and probably find a way for them to benefit from being involved with me as well as me benefit from being connected with them. I could say that they understood immediately but it took while before the rather puzzled look left his face especially as he really could not see any correlation with his very male oriented B2B business being able to work alongside high end luxury women’s couture fashion. But I stand by what I say. I am a problem solver and an ideas person. I know that with some people it may take a little longer than with others but I do believe that if there is willing then a way will be found.

OK. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. Fair trade right? Your secrets are safe with me! wink My passions are about …….

For me the tiny things can give me the greatest of pleasures – that first breath of crisp fresh air when you step outside the door, the smell of the roses, the soil and soul of a beautiful garden, a great story of triumph against all odds, sunshine after many rainy days, rain after many hot sunny days, the magic of seeing a tiny seed grow into a huge luscious plant that produces amazing tasty food.

My family and most particularly my daughter – I love my daughter who is an amazing human being. I love her laugh and humour, I love seeing her succeed at whatever she chooses to have a go at, I love the fact that she loves life and is embracing it with open arms, an open mind and most importantly an open heart. I am so incredibly proud of her that it can almost hurt.

For my role in our business the best has to be when a woman comes to us for clothes and is full of complexes and insecurities. Seeing her transform before us as she realises that despite her anxieties and beliefs about herself she can now see herself as the beautiful, gorgeous sexy woman that she really is. That is magic and it is unique. We know that if people like our unique colours and/or love the fabrics then we can find something for them regardless of what size, shape, colour or type of person that they are. It is just like solving any other puzzle – there is always a solution. I love the fact that many will pre-judge who we are and who our customer is and it’s great when we can throw that belief out of the window.

The big things too can inspire awe and wonder – I mean blimey our galaxy is HUGE isn’t it? And then when we consider the vastness of the universe – that is phenomenal. I love the world and I would love to see more of it experiencing the tastes, smells and sensations of standing on another tiny spot on the globe – so vast and yet so intimate.

Then there are the more metaphysical things – like serendipity, synchronicity, so-called coincidence. I have always maintained that the Universal or Divine forces are far more talented at choreography than I will ever be and sometimes it is best to just leave things to chance. All I have to do is to dance my own dance and other dancers, musicians and artists will join me at the performance at the perfect time and the perfect place.

Which is why I have written this blog – you just never know what inspirations it might spark or what fires it might light. The least it will achieve is to get people to focus on the many fascinating and interesting positives in their lives. And that’s a good thing right?

So tell me about you but remember ……. tell me with passion and a glint in your eye show me your excitement at the thrills of your adventures. Use every superlative in the dictionary. Be creative and inventive in how you convey the inspiration that started your particular journey.

Oh and if I haven’t said this to you already – Happy New Year, Happy New Decade and may all the positive and exciting things keep you inspired for many years to come.

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