Social media seems to bring out the best and worst of the number crunchers. Followers, fans, friends, likes, subscribers, visitors, customers, sales and ultimately cash in the bank inspiring sizzling hot debates revealing age old arguments clinging with devil like tenacity to our age old measures of status and value. However it seems that the whole point of debate has at times, been missed completely. A process designed to get to the crux of the truth does itself turn into another number issue. Scoring points, inflicting wounds and proving that there has to be losers for there to be winners in the mastery of swordsmanship. And we sit back and sigh hoping for revelatory moments that bring digital enlightenment!

The point is that by focusing on the numbers we are all missing the point. Social media is about the social. Who cares about how many followers, friends and sycophantic subscribers we have just so long as there is enough cash in the bank and we have deposited enough tins of ego polish to last us a lifetime? I wonder why!

The point really is ….. who cares? I mean really cares? I know that the bank cares, your accountant cares, the tax man cares and so do debtors and creditors – but that is only money. Wannabe’s, starlets and those who dream of finding the treasure map where a giant “X” marks the ‘Factor’ sweet spot bringing fame and fortune to those who brave the ridiculous. Chrome plated egos might not tarnish but they can certainly become pitted and the shiny facades will flake in time.

The point is …. that I care. I care that people understand that it is not about the numbers. Life is about the feelings, sensations, visions, aspirations, inspirations, connections, serendipitous moments, synchronicity, synergistic scenarios, collaborations and cooperations. Conversations about ideas, the flow of breath and reflections of what is within and without and even love. Love itself a motivating divider between truth and lies.

Social media is merely a digital mirror of the soul of the planet. It breathes in and it breathes out. As any living creature, its amorphous cells flow, clustering, gathering, collecting, pulsing, thriving, throbbing, touching, moving from one place to another. It grows, transforming from one state to another as it matures from being the mewling newborn taking first steps into toddlerdom. Digital evolution highlights new experiences, as time folds in on itself and we see a memory of yesterday emerge into the landscapes of today. Tomorrow a virtual replica of what we have practised today. Loops of time, repeating, skipping, twirling as magical as the aurora borealis.

So how can it be about the numbers? A cell, a mobile device flows from one place to another as a blood cell travels through the body. It might have a number but it is not itself a number. Connections come and go as they traverse the digital sphere in a universe as unfathomable as infinity itself. As vast as it is, it is as intimate as the planetary mobile hanging above the cot in the technological nursery. Far away so close everything we need and wish for is within our pudgy grasp just so long as we reach for the best of what attracts our attention.

So if it is not about the numbers where will the flow take us? Any where we want to go. Our social DNA, our blueprint will act as our guiding force. Homing pigeon instinct will take us across the waters bringing us to our other home as surely as the swifts fly around the globe to bring new generations to life. They achieve great feats because they let the feats happen. They allow instinct and flow to go where it needs to go and they get there as surely as every previous generation has got there before them. Their primary purpose is to be the best, the best of what they are naturally already.

Can you let go of the numbers and forget what they mean? Can you flow synchronously and embrace the synergy of the relationships with those you meet accidentally, serendipitously? Can you trust that you will find what you need and what you need will find you?

Can you just let go?


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