When mowing long grass be mindful of the frogs!! This beauty was peacefully enjoying its island of green tranquility before I came along with a giant machine ready to cut it down. Suffice to say that I stopped to usher the creature to safety before resuming making our paths through the wild flower meadows that allow us to easily enjoy the myriad of colours and textures of the wild native plants growing abundantly. It’s so magical seeing evidence that it is so worth letting things grow naturally and not doing the tight clipped lawns that are so traditional. I’ve now been given instructions to pick up any frogs I find and place them in the vegetable garden to eat the slugs. Nature at its best. #wildgardening #frogs #wildmeadows #wildflowermeadows #froggardening #gardeningwithfrogs https://www.instagram.com/p/CCqoHUGJns_/?igshid=fzfw486nv6ga

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