…. write articles for your websites? What tone do you THINK that you use when you react to stuff and comment online? How do you convey the right tone in the written word ensuring that it matches with what you would convey in “real” life?

This is perhaps a question that needs to be asked every time we write anything . The written word can all too easily be misinterpreted by the many readers who come across our ramblings if we are not careful about ensuring our intentions are VERY clear.

People who know me personally will KNOW that I am generally a cheerful person with a happy demeanour, rather prone to a bit of playful word banter. BUT, online – it would be very easy for people to interpret my positive statements said with conviction as being something quite different.

So when you post things – how much do you think about how your words are read?

Have you tried reading your posts in different tones of voice?

What does it sound like you are saying if you go all pink and fluffy emulating the dulcet tones of some girly girl?

How about if you read your ramblings a la Eyeore – in other words a lonely sad voice?

What about if you are mimicking the rantings of one of the celebrity Grumpy Old Men or Women?

Perhaps consider what differences it would make to the message of your words if you were to read your blogs in the tones of a big burly bloke who loves to sound tough and matcho as opposed to some Barbie doll look-a-like who wouldn’t say boo to a goose. Would your message come across as you had initially intended?

When have you been misinterpreted online and what have you done to change people’s perceptions about your intentions?

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