The title “Internet Marketer”, or “Internet Marketing Expert” is a pretty meaningless title in my view that I tend not to use it – much. As I “do” “Internet marketing” – I am very aware of the nebulous aspects of this particular job description and when Graham Wilson actually asked “What exactly is Internet Marketing?” in the Internet Marketing Group I began to think about what I really thought as opposed to what everyone else seems to believe. So now I am curious about what you perceive it to be.

To me it is anything to do with getting voice/products/services out into the digital world in whatever way is appropriate to the person wanting to get their message in front of their target audience.

Assessing communication styles as well as doing relevant market research to understand pertinent up-to-date characteristics and behaviour patterns of the chosen audience are vital to understand the people elements. This is irrespective of whether you are looking for customers, collaborators, partners, advocates, referrer/affiliates, promoters, friends and so on.

Tools and technologies used might involve anything that feed/control the many social media platforms, email marketing, websites and blogs, SEO, SEM, PPC, PPA, and so on. The technology is a constantly moving platform which requires balance and practice in ensuring that you remain in touch with the way that it grows and develops.

So it is as broad as it is long. Much of it is totally dependent on appropriateness, intention and desired outcomes. No two cases are going to be the same. A good internet marketer (or digital coach) will know how to ask the right questions and demonstrate ways in which aims can be achieved. Different marketers will have different experience and will no doubt give you completely different answers. The question is finding the right match for you.

For me it is about acting as an interface between the people and technologies. It is a bizarre and eclectic mix of timing, mood, accuracy of information, relationships, logic and science, emotional engagement, technological systems – which are constantly evolving, digital and human interaction in its various computations, philosophy, psychology and so on.

It is immensely chaotic and confusing at the same time as remarkably simple and clever.

It is about understanding a vision and having the ability to steer efforts to the desired destination. At times it will mean meandering through uncharted waters and others speeding along well travelled highways.

And the only way that I can view it – really – it to consider each project as a challenging puzzle that needs to be solved. A game in which there are a few guidelines and rules. The rest is about the unique elements that are only present in the individual project. Whilst we may be able to adapt ingredients from other experiences – there is a huge amount that is unquantifiable and nebulous. The solution can remain remarkably elusive until we begin to patch together the quantifiable with the amorphous combining accurately researched information with instinct and intuition.

But how about you, what do you really think “Internet Marketing” is actually about?

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