What if space was not silent? What if sound travelled across the vacuum and we were able to hear the planets, moons and asteroids dancing their way across the universe? What if, when we floated in space, we could hear the moon orbiting around the earth? And the sounds of the boiling mass of the sun could be picked up across the galaxy? Each time it rose we would hear the roar of its arrival. It would be beyond deafening. It would be soul crushing. Thank goodness for space between us. The world has become so loud. Billions of multimedia channels all broadcast noise. Singing, shouting, lamenting, crying, laughing, praying, prying, educating, ranting, sharing, chanting, debating, discussing noise. What if the space race is not a hunger to explore new territories and new adventures? What if it is mankind’s collective desire for space? What if thoughts were not silent? And we were actually able to hear the millions of beliefs and fantastical concerns that go through everybody’s heads? It would be beyond deafening. It would be soul crushing. Thank goodness for space between us. Thoughts are not quiet. I often work in the dead of night when the darkness envelops the daily mind chatter in sleep. Space is not silent either. Electromagnetic waves have their own sounds creating their own eerie intergalactic symphony. Everything pulses with energy. Winter Solstice marks the time of year when darkness reaches its zenith of dominance. It rules the winter skies above us and the dark barren earth at our feet. Be still and listen. May your Winter Solstice be blessed with the silence to hear the rhythm of your soul. May you feel the dormant earth beneath to feel the stillness within your being. May you expand into the void left by summer’s warmth to feel the space within. May you be enveloped in the deepest velvet of darkness… So that you may see your own light shine. .#wintersolstice #loveyourself #nature #naturesinspiration #lightofdarkness #winterwisdom #darknight #solstice https://www.instagram.com/p/CXv7UsoI23Z/?utm_medium=tumblr

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