If there is one thing that life teaches us, it is the fact that we never know when insight and understanding can strike us. The most effective solutions can often be brought to our attention in the most unexpected ways too. Enlightenment can create real aha moments shining on the blatantly obvious as well as the more elusive and subtle options. I find this serendipitous aspect of life quite fascinating.

Sometimes, all it takes is just one word expressed in precisely the right way at precisely the right time. The impact of that one bit of advice can be quite magical to witness.

Other times of course, our learning takes time for it to become a part of our every day lives. Gestation, contemplation and assimilation are an integral part of the process. On occasion it takes years for the penny to drop before we realise the significance of what has been said. You’d think that some insights have been delivered in a time-controlled capsule only releasing its jewels when sufficient water has gone under the bridge to make it really worthwhile.

What about you? What has been the most valuable business advice you have ever received? Was there anything unusual, surprising or unexpected about it?

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