Technology is developing at an exponential rate. New things are being revealed constantly. It seems that we have shot passed the stage where science fiction technologies of fantasy programmes like Star Trek are considered impossible. In fact they have been overtaken with even more fantastical innovations having become science fact and every day reality.

New platforms are being launched daily. Some are new however, some are old hat before they have got off the starting blocks. Some are just too innovative and off the wall to be understood by that critical mass of people for it to develop a real presence in the world.

Mobile technology is set to revolutionise many things. I wonder how that will develop. What will the role of the internet be once mobile has become the primary way of getting online for everyone?

What do you see happening in the future of technology and the way that it is offering new ways to connect with our audiences?

What do you think will change? What will fade and die?

How do you think that will affect our businesses and our marketing?

P.S. Don’t cheat by just repeating something that someone else says – I want to hear YOUR thoughts.

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