Welsh poppies in the vegetable garden. They are so full of grace and elegance. They are like little sunshine traps glowing more brilliantly for having been exposed to the light. Fascinating swirls and curls in their design that can only be truly seen in the photograph or with a magnifying glass when you can really see the intricate details up close. Yet more #designinspirations and #colourstudies. I will be adding these to my “designs to be developed” folder for my new project. Something to be revealed soon. ???? Of course the #bees will love them too so they will stay until we can collect their seeds and grow more next year. #welshpoppies #welshpoppy #beefood #vegetablegardening #gardeninspirations https://www.instagram.com/p/CAZ-qJLJxzn/?igshid=1bjxis43czqhc

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