Bali sunset

Today feels a bit like the first day of the rest of my life. I have spent over a year and a half focusing on the family business and enjoying all the delicious richness of working with the people I love doing the things that I love. It has been beautiful, challenging, inspiring and very satisfying. Now though I have another mission very much on my mind.  

Two months ago, I transported myself to the other side of the world to follow another purpose. Bali beckoned and although I tried to go to other places, for some reason I was called to be on this tiny island before I ventured to other parts of the world.


For a long time now, there has been this inner voice crying out to me imploring me to take notice. I had to stop what I was doing and focus on writing a book. I had been pretending that the calling was not very real but as a result my health was suffering – big time. I knew that if I didn’t take notice, I was going to be in very big trouble.

It wasn’t until I had been in Bali for about six weeks, immersing myself in the culture, community and just letting go, that I began to realise just how important this voice was to me. Just being in the space and allowing my body to heal, enjoying the local Bali massages, superb food and inspiring environment has been the best thing for me. Ubud particularly has been a place of healing so it was no surprises to find that the town name is a derivative of the Balinese word ‘ubad’ meaning medicine. 

I hadn’t realised just how much I had suppressed that inner calling until people started to enquire about why I had chosen to be here. I found myself being taken aback by the depth of emotion that surged from within. An inexplicably deep hunger to express something of me that I could no longer ignore.

I have no expectations about the book other than it needs to be written. After that, who knows what purpose it might play. I anticipate that it will get published in one form or another, but I have no attachment to how just that it is birthed into this world.

So as I sit here contemplating the creature that is emerging, I wonder about the journey as it unfolds. So far it has been beyond anything I could have anticipated. All I have done is say ‘yes’ and just showed up. What followed has been awesome!

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