We are programmed to focus on all that is broken. The world is corrupt & we are stuck in a tragedy of errors making life hell on earth. The question is, is this true? True for who? We live in a rubber-necker society that thrives on suffering. When listening to someone in pain I used to want them to feel comfortable as they shared the intimate details of their traumas & tragedies. I’d show great empathy by sharing when I have experienced something similar. Spending nearly a year in Bali made me rewrite this script. There is a wonderful community of talented healers thriving in the open culture that makes Bali so unique. But…. I soon discovered that there are many who see themselves as fixers. They’d take in the damned & heal the sick. My empathic sharing gave them validation & they flipped from tragic sufferers into rescuers. They bombarded me with their ‘words of wisdom’ & copious lists of what I should & should not do. I do not need rescuing. Their perceptions were filled with their superior knowledge & wiser words of the holographic victim that had appeared before them. They did not want to see me. We either see the prickliness of spikey tempers, pain of the deceived & betrayed or we can see the light that lies within. It’s always a choice. I see the best in others. Leaving this house could have been so different to how it has been. This is grace & flow in action. Yes, there are many pains in the world right now & more than ever we have to focus on what is good. Let’s water the plants of positivity & nurture the love in us all. What is within you is within me. What you see within me is within you. You choose what to see. We are all a work in progress. And I love that. I bow to you & all that you are & can be. I bow to the crowning glory of the life that you have lived. I bow in gratitude to the smile in your eyes & the love that you feel. I appreciate the gift of you. I see your magnificence. What do you see? .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #beauty #consciousness #energy #focus #lifestyle #light #love #magnificence #moment #nature#photooftheday #spirit #starseed #success #life #lightworker #inspiration #lawofattraction #meditation #healing https://www.instagram.com/p/CRYzfWqJaXR/?utm_medium=tumblr

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