Unlike the constancy of a ticking clock, my resting heart rate had risen above my average. Each extra beat steals time from the end of my life. A price I am not willing to pay.

I knew what lay ahead & the physical impact such an enormous task would have on my body. Good food, staying hydrated & deep rest were going to be even more essential. Meditating, visualising & going with the flow helped me to manifest cleared rooms as well as boxes packed ready to go.

My fitness levels had declined recently & I confess to changing my decaf coffee for a more potent brew. I soon swapped my black caffeine boost for specialist herbal sports drinks. Muscles gratefully soaked up their supporting elixor as I climbed mountains of stairs & hefted the weight of moving out.

In the past, struggle & pain were the accolades of achievement. Suffering the injustices of the burdens of difficulty proved just how worthy we were. This does not support success.

When asked how I was doing, I consciously replied with “fucking brilliantly” despite feeling exhausted. Our bodies listen to every word we utter & I prefer to manifest magnificence than incapacity.

It was only the last two days when I had to push beyond my comfort zone. 18.5 miles or over 43,000 steps just going back & forth loading history into the vans.

But … We have finally moved out. This house is now a maze of sheep tracks winding between precariously stacked towers. But it is done.

I slept for 3 days. I was so tired that any time that I walked past clear spaces, the carpet developed the allure of a soft downy mattress inviting me to lie down, just for a minute or two… or ten.

My average speed has slowed. Appreciating nature & soaking up the healing vibes of her beauty has helped reclaim stolen milliseconds. I can now avoid the penalty tickets of pushing myself too far. I feel great. I am so much fitter than before. It’s amazing what we can achieve with the right thoughts.

Self care is love of self. How can it get any better than this?

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