It’s all very well encouraging customers to trust us but what if we have issues with trusting our customers? The challenge with going through struggles of any kind is that we get our fingers burned, sometimes once too often. It is irrelevant whether we think that they are not going to pay us, or deliver, or believe us, or not, are a pain in the whatsit,  or behave in any way that causes us issues, if someone has caused us pain in the past we have a tendency to let that lead to an expectation that it will happen again. The end results is that we feel that we cannot trust the next customer who comes along. That is never good for business.

If this is the case then what are we projecting when talking to people or putting out our marketing messages? The chances are that the vibe is perhaps not that positive. If anything we could end up approaching any prospects with a subconscious message that is armed with the deadliest defense mechanisms possible (imagine big glinting razor sharp swords, machine guns, traps and mediaeval torturing devices).

Whilst you may not believe in the whole energy thing or give credence to ‘thoughts manifest as things’ but the reality is that when someone expects specific outcomes, they tend to get them just as reliably as any self-fulfilling prophecy. Too often we are totally unaware too.

Somewhere, we have to change the script. Particularly if we are not getting the clients and the sales we need. At some point, we do need to let go and begin to believe that not only do our most perfectly, deliciously, gorgeously ideal clients exist out there but that they can’t wait to pay you handsomely for what you offer. It ain’t gonna happen though if we have already shut the doors to the possibility.

How can you change the picture and learn to trust again?

Just like any relationship, sometimes, we have to consciously let go of the past experiences so that we can move on. It is no different to personal relationships. If anything how you are in personal relationships can reflect how you are with your customers. Something to note when you see yourself behaving in a particular way or watching how others respond to you. it can all be changed – if you allow it.

First create a profile of your bestest and most ideal clients. Paint a healthily smiling happy image of the perfect person you would like to see walk in through your door and ask to work with you.

Check in with yourself and ask what makes you doubt that they will ever arrive and if they do what are they likely to do to scupper the relationship? Make a note of everything so that you can begin to let it all go.

Watch your own language too. How you talk about your customers will betray the subtleties of what you believe. Pinpoint any negative words that you use as well as phrases that belie a darker meaning highlighting your lack of belief in them. Consciously reword everything so that it has a much more positive feel to it.

Make a decision to let the beliefs go because they no longer serve you. Use EFT, meditation, visualisations, affirmations or whatever else works for you to change the picture. Shift your thinking and you will impact the way in which you approach people and how they respond to you. . Use the pain points and rewrite the script.

Suggested affirmations to help shift your belief system

So if you only seem to attract people who are hard work try

“I attract the best customers who are delightful, enthusiastic and keen to work with me.”

To improve how you are valued …

“Customers are eager to do their best making the most of the time that they are with me. They always express appreciation and gratitude for my expertise and the value I give.”

Improving financial appreciation ..

“All my customers pay me on time with gratitude and appreciation. They are confident that they have received exceptional value from me so are more than willing to recompense me for my expertise abundantly and generously.”

So what are your pains and how would you like to change your perceptions of your customers?




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