Trees dancing! Sitting in the woods listening to the sounds and watching for movement is incredibly calming and meditative. The gentle susurration of breeze-blown leaves gently quietens thoughts like Mother Earth shushes a child to sleep. The tall grand poplars sound like waterfalls and fountains offering soothing balm for the soul when the soul needs soothing. Generally though they play melodies of joy and play. Their rippling leaves create a mesmerising murmuration of vertically climbing and falling green wings fluttering in a great big shoal of unity. But these trees look like they’re jiving or doing their own version of tree ballet in beautifully controlled slow motion inviting you to hear their beat and dance with them. We need a bench nearby to watch them so that we too can slow to their pace after a busy day. The world needs more of this. Time to feel our own being resonate with our natural playground of inspiration. #natureinspirations #treemeditation #dancingtrees #naturespirits #spiritofnature #resonance #inspirationalnature

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