There’s a fire dancing in my belly today as fiery as the red of these day lilies. Yesterday I went back to Abergavenny. I’d been missing the cats but I had paperwork to do too. The car was packed with those delicate things that should not be packed in boxes marked fragile. Doing so means that they only get broken. Be careful how we perceive fragility. I was greeted by inquisitive cats who inspected every trophy I’d brought home. I was also greeted by an envelope from a government department demanding a huge amount of money. Completely out of the blue. They say they’d overpaid me. They haven’t. The boiler in my belly was fired up big time - it was referring back to 2007!! Fourteen years ago The government feels desperate. It feels like each department has been given a directive to claw back anything outstanding. To make the citizens pay their dues any which way they can. Yet I owe nothing. It has the potential to get worse with hefty penalties, increased interest rates & higher tax bands. They are so remote from the working lives of people trying to make their way in extraordinary times. The day I came to pack this house, I sold a song sheet for “Love steals your heart “. Letting this place go has stolen our hearts because of the love that has gone into it. But the fire in my belly refuses to let anyone else steal my heart again. I will pay my dues but don’t try to pretend that I owe more than I do. Say instead we empower you to be all that you can be. Light the fires in all our bellies and empower us to strive to be the most magnificent that we can be. Together we are an unstoppable force for change. By working together we can turn things around for the better. By standing together we can support those in need and fix all that is broken. We can all move forward to a healthier & more abundant future without treading on anyone or leaving them behind. Let’s all celebrate our immense tenacity, creativity and resilience - together. It’s the only way we are going to get through the challenging times AND enjoy the phenomenal era into which we are already striding. There is so much to look forward to. Let us be all that we can BE. #changeforbetter

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