The view out of the windows this morning is pure white. The mist packs the house in its own dense cocoon of dreams & memories. I can hardly see my hand in front of me. A vast contrast to the big skies of yesterday when feathery clouds played in the deep blue expanse above. There is no choice but to look within. I sit on the pinnacle between what has been & what will be. The moment when the climb of the past contracts into the consciousness of NOW before free-falling into the expansion of the future. The mist turns into a large soft cotton cloth as the sun wipes the windscreen clean. The fields warm & the breeze wisps sweet scents of hay through the windows. The hay was cut & turned yesterday by the farmer whose work turns with the seasons & the needs of now. Morning tea on the terrace. My field of visions is graced by a magnificent red kite gliding on currents of peace. The kite is followed by three seagulls glowing neon white. Their haloed wings flap lazily as they commute to who knows where. They exit stage left as numerous crows enter the scene & caw raucously of their quest. They take my eyes back to stage right just as a mouse scuttles across the terrace in front of me. He always seems to be going the same way from the daylilies to the teasels. I can only feel gratitude despite the task that absorbs me. The fortitude of my past has brought me to this moment of calm as I appreciate the excitement for my future. NOW really is the greatest present given to us all. This house has laid solid foundations of possibility. The opportunity to enjoy its grace, stillness & tranquility has given me very real experiences of peace that will stay with me forever. I’d love to share its gifts with others wherever I may land. An abundance of bees serenade a new day of busyness. Really immersing myself in these moments, has allowed me to harness the energy of the moment. The bees are industrious, productive and consistently purposeful. I will aim to be like a bee today and just BE! .⁣ .⁣ . .⁣ .⁣ #stepintonow #now #liveinthenow #powerofnow #livelifenow #thenow #stepintonow #now #liveinthenow #powerofnow #livelifenow #thenow⁣ #countryretreat #retreatyourself #retreat

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