Fear is a base emotion designed for our most basic needs. Survival. Fight or flight. A chemical response gives us the tools and the power to do battle against the crusaders sent to prevent us from achieving our dreams. Adrenaline surges put wings on our feet and we can run faster than we have ever run before. It enables us to flee the monsters and demons even if they have superpowers designed to crush us. This chemical is our own superpower that ensures our species will survive and live on.

Like after any drug-rush high there is the crashing exhaustion that leaves us weak with fatigue. The danger is that in our anxiety to get away, we do not have the presence of mind to flee to a safe zone but instead find ourselves teetering on the edge of another cliff. We put our survival at risk of plummeting into the depths of another disaster. The cycle of boom and crash in which we ricochet from one extreme to another is no way to live.

Finding our fears, understanding and then healing them is merely the beginning of the journey. To manifest our fullest potential we need to address so much more than that.

A fearless mind is limitless. It exists unconstrained by inherited beliefs, environment or social standing. It has the imagination to dream of seemingly impossible and improbable ideas. Not only that it has the conviction and certainty to believe that these dreams can become reality. We are ready to soar high up into the realms of possibility.

There are no such things as glass ceilings or boxes to think outside. There are no naysayers, realists or pessimists to have the power to make the fearless mind swerve of course. Anyone with a truly limitless mind knows that they have the Universe as a cocreator and miracles can and do happen! Every day!

A limitless mind is a free mind that dares to fly beyond the boundaries of what is known. It seeks out new and extraordinary experiences. It designs its own destiny. It carves its own path laying claim to its own future. A free mind will set the world on fire with its drive, determination and passion encouraging others to follow by example and lead the way to live their own dreams too.


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