The devastation rolls on as the number of trees being felled rises. Fifty beautiful beings have fallen in this tragic chainsaw massacre!

Mother nature has herself chosen a radical thinning of overcrowded trees. She has been much bolder and braver than we could ever be.

Despite the reign of chaos, new vistas reveal interesting perspectives of the house. Suddenly rainbows and fireworks are no longer hidden by a giant wall of green. The town lights glimmer in the distance. The light from the town hall clock sits like a full moon amongst the roof tops. The sleeping beauty rises & the castle is awakened.

Our windows frame ever changing autumnal palettes of red, rust and gold against a backdrop of the deep green of the evergreens. The iridescent bronze & orange of the surrounding mountains beckon with memories of walking through crisp bracken & dried heathers.

I mourn the loss of the magnificent walnut that waved at me through my bedroom window every morning. The view that has been revealed though is compensation enough. The interplay of lines and colours of the now visible beech, Scots pine, sycamore, silver birch and the giant redwoods look stunning. I am mesmerised.

Rooms in the house have developed an eerie glow. Reflected light from the north facing windows has uplifted the spirit of our home. It’s like someone has left a light on.

The expansion of the views and the luminous quality of the air around us, echo the unfamiliar territory that we are now in. It’s only when the burdens have gone do you realise just how much they overshadowed everything else. The sense of obligation has been far too heavy for far too long. This will likely change our lives forever.

There is no going back but why would we when the views of freedom before us are so much clearer and brighter than before?

2022 feels like a year for emergence, growth and brilliance. We can see the rainbows now!
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