The day I developed purring elephantiasis. Ordinarily Pushkin really loves to snuggle underneath cardigans, jackets, jumpers and quilts. However, on one fine day whilst I was having a personal moment on the toilet, he decided to leap onto my lap only to discover there was this fabulous hideaway down my trouser leg. Perfect for slithering into darkness. Yoga pants are perfect because they have an ankle cuff which keeps you contained and held snugly while occupant of said pants moves around from room to room. This makes you purr - cuddled up against warm skin, in a stretchy hammock type contraption keeping you close to one of your slave persons. How can it get any better than this? This however confounds brother Scott as he’s not sure whether this is a beast to be hunted so rescuing person from personal invasion or it’s a new play thing. Most confounding of all is figuring out how to get at him and how did he get in there in the first place. Various contortions had to be implemented to extract this purring fur blob. Practicing yoga with a cat down your trousers is not recommended. It’s very unbalancing. #kittenretreat #hideawaykitten #secretplacesforkittens #yogakitten

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