The container has arrived and I’ve started filling it and in case you are wondering - no I haven’t got a shipping container to move abroad! This is for sorting and storing stuff - until I do move. It’s likely to be a temporary workshop as well provided I can get power to it and set up a bench to do some glasswork.

In 2014 saw I got rid of about 75% of my possessions before I went to Bali for my gap year. The rest was put in to storage and there it has stayed for nearly SEVEN years. I find that hard to grasp. So now I’m going through everything again to see what else I can get rid of. Perhaps there’ll be a couple of surprises.

Hand-me-downs, accumulated junk or anything that can easily be replaced with better are all vacating the premises. I’m upgrading.

This will forever be my guide….

‘Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be beautiful or believe to be useful’ - William Morris.

I’m channeling Marie ‘does this spark joy’ Kondo as well. And oh my God do I have a lot of stuff that does not get the sparklers twinkling.

I will be back to selling off a wide variety of things again - from special antiques and interesting collectibles to the more everyday items. I’m fantasising about a simpler life so that I can focus more on my creativity.

Much of the regular stuff will more than likely be donated to a good cause locally. Last week we gave away a bed to a young woman who had nothing. I was greatly moved by her immense gratitude and excitement at being helped by a stranger to set up her new home. I was grateful that it didn’t end up on the tip. There’s nothing like the feeling of paying-it-forward to pay back for all of the help I have received in the past. I want to feel more of that.

So with aching muscles and bastard-horse-fly bites making my arm hurt, I’m going to recuperate in the bath in readiness for another exciting day opening what may be Pandora’s box tomorrow!
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