……. anything that stops your clients from paying attention to you.

It does not need to be the guy down the street who does exactly what you do. In fact it is more likely to be something completely unrelated to you and what you offer. It can be anything from closing the biggest business deal ever to the football or the fact that the coffee machine has broken.

Listening to our clients and developing an understanding their interests, needs and desires is the first step in understanding what is likely to be influencing their lives and what you are up against when competing for your client’s (or clients’) attention.

We think that to get our clients’ attention we should focus on all sorts of campaigns which invariably resort to highly competitive prices.

It is not.

It is about capturing your client’s imagination by painting a picture in which their problems are magically solved.

It is about your specialist skills or niche products being the perfect solution for them just at the perfect moment when they need that solution.

It is also about them having the confidence that you understand them and the situation that they are in and what they are dealing with.

The only way to find out is by listening very carefully. Not just to their business activities and interests but to them as human beings as well.

Do you know what is taking your clients’ attention away from you and what you are offering to them?

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