The air is calm as is the sea. A gentle breeze slowly ripples the tall grasses in the wild flower meadows. The tranquility here is beautiful. Al is well. I meet the new owners of this house for the first time yesterday. And wow!! I had one of the most enlightened conversations I have had in a long time. Last night I kept being woken by the sense of crowds of people in the house. The new owners’ spirit guides, family members and various other entities making themselves at home. The have moved in. I’ve not experienced that before. When I have moved into a house I have felt a connection to the people who have lived in it before me. I’ve always felt it wise to commune with these beings just out of courtesy as they have been there long before me. I am after all stepping into their space and claiming it as my own. This feels different. I feel I need to formally welcome them in some way. The fact that we have not fully moved out and yet the place has actually sold is a unique situation. There is a sense of ease and Grace not normally felt when dealing with moving home. Letting go of what we think should be to allow what is meant to be is certainly magical. Judging by the conversations that flowed so effortlessly yesterday, the universe has bigger plans for us all. This is definitely meant to be. ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #calm #consciousliving #ease #flow #innerguidance #inspirational #joy #lifestyle #love #manifestingmagic #manifestyourdreams #nature #positivity #raiseyourvibration #sourceenergy #space #spirituality #trusttheuniverse #truth #universe #universehasyourback #spiritualawakening

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