Quantum Leap…

I took a quantum leap this morning with the wisdom of Georgina… in 1 hour I went from feeling stuck and imprisoned to moving as a free spirit with endless possibilities. The insights shared have been among the most profound I have received. I move my duty of care to self first,embracing my divine feminine with the freedom to live my soul purpose.
Many, many blessings to you, beautiful lady ☯️????
Sandy Simmons – Simply Better Health, Australia

Sandy came to me at a point when she was at a crossroads and was seeking some feedback how to develop her practice. She had a decision to make. Follow a route she’s followed before or perhaps throw off the shackles of history, despite its successes and approach her work in a new, more liberated way.

I immediately got the feeling that Sandy was holding back in sharing her talents. Something that can happen at times when a significant shift is about to happen. It is clear that her desire to be authentic in her practice has led her to explore the true origins of what she does giving her a high level of integrity. Sandy has a great deal of wisdom and experience to share. I love that she is known as the Fertility Alchemist. She has written and published the first of five books tackling the issues around conception and pregnancy and plans to travel more speaking about her work. It was a real pleasure to have been able to help offer some feedback helping her choose the right path for her. More significantly, there was a distinct feeling that she was ready to create a paradigm shift in her work offering up new opportunities in expanding the depth and power of her already established skills on a whole new level. Thank you Sandy for sharing your story. May the awesomeness of your quantum leap take you to new realms of success.



The only word that is coming out of my mouth since talking to you 15 minutes ago is
EXTRAORDINARY, Extraordinary, extraordinary  .

I’ve looked it’s meaning up on Google and found the perfect synonyms!

synonyms:  remarkable, exceptional, amazing, astonishing, astounding, marvellous, wonderful, sensational, stunning, incredible, unbelievable, miraculous, phenomenal, prodigious, spectacular; striking, outstanding, momentous, impressive, singular, signal, pre-eminent, memorable, unforgettable, never to be forgotten, unique, arresting, eye-catching, conspicuous, noteworthy, notable, great; out of the ordinary, unusual, uncommon, rare, surprising, curious, strange, odd, peculiar, uncanny; fantastic, terrific, tremendous, stupendous, awesome, amazeballs, out of this world, unreal.

WOW our Skype connection was all of the above – I have much food to think about and work with now – thank you so much. 🙂

Nikki-Marianna Hope – Shamanic Practitioner

Nikki first came to me seeking to gain some clarity about how to bring a diverse range of skills into an approach that would ultimately lead her to working in a way that is authentic to her. We not only discussed the look and feel of her website but also her approach to getting her message out to a wider audience – more importantly the right audience. You immediately get a sense of her gorgeous energy which in an instant makes you feel like you are in trustworthy hands.

Interestingly I was immediately drawn to her experience in falconry and could sense that it was incredibly symbolic in the work that she does. Being in nature, with her hawk and her dog seemed to epitomise another level of skills beyond her work with the plant essences, healing, painting, drumming and so on. It created an immensely powerful image denoting her connection to herself and her own life experiences, her service to mankind and her very direct connection to the spiritual realms putting her practice on a whole other level entirely. I see her as a Shamanic Listener who is able to hear your story at different levels and so intuit the essences that you need to create balance and harmony in your life. I also felt that she is a powerful influence, in helping women particularly, to heal and to not only stand their ground in their identity and purpose but to begin to truly stand in their power enabling them to make significant shifts on their own journey. Her unique portfolio of skills makes her quite extraordinary herself.

Before I engaged Georgina, it felt that unless I was physically out there, no one was hearing about me.  Also, I had no strategy on what to blog about.  I was just writing about things that came to me.

Not only did Georgina create a mechanism that was working for me 24/7, the process that she uses to understand key messages and overarching strategy, uncovers things that you never imagined about yourself and your business. It’s amazing how she brings your business alive.

Tracey Finlay – Great Customer Experience

Social Media Workshops and Mentoring

“Wow! Just finished a Social Media course run by Georgina and Sharon Leighton! What they didn’t know wasn’t worth knowing! The course was extremely informative, lots of humour and set us all on our way of Social Networking! I would certainly recommend Georgina to run any Social Networking course, from beginners to advanced levels! Thank you!”

Sue Stonelake

“Georgina’s knowledge of e-comms and using social networking to build business links is outstanding. I’ve found her training sessions spot-on in helping me develop my business profile, and her energy and enthusiasm infectious.”

Eleanor Bird

“Georgina knows the world of social media and marketing, she has huge creativity and intelligence which she applies to all aspects of this work. She is very focused and also is intuitive and perceptive with deep understanding of human nature. Georgina has brainstormed with me to create new ways to generate multiple income streams harnessing the power of what I already have. I am so excited to be working with Georgina who is helping me achieve my goals.”

Jo Berry

“If you have any questions at all about social media sites, how to use them and how best to exploit them, then Georgina’s the person to get hold of. The social media course I’ve just completed, has been a brilliant introduction to the huge benefits of the likes of LinkedIn and Twitter, comprehensive and refreshingly clearly communicated, even for the technologically challenged such as me! It was thoroughly enjoyable and has filled me with enthusiasm to get to grips with marketing my coaching business on line. Thanks so much.”

Helen Atton

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