Following on from my blog yesterday talking about “Cultivating Radical Openness – The Universe of possibility & the contagiousness of ideas” I would love to explore the possibilities of pushing out the boundaries of our own expectations. I think that techno-optimism helps us to push out the boundaries of possibility. The potential is awesome but to achieve something incredible we do need to liberate our minds, remove the restrictions and think bigger than we have ever thought before.

For me, I am in an unique situation in which (on a day-to-day basis) I am only beholden to me. I can if I so choose, do anything, go anywhere and meet/work with anyone. The question that I am asking myself is if I can remove my limitations to what I think that I can do, what would that look like?

I love the idea that dreams and imagination create infinite possibilities for our future. It is up to us and perhaps even our duty to choose the most amazing and exciting future that we can possibly imagine and as Jason has suggested we should ‘pull the present forward to meet it’! I love that idea – that we can liberate ourselves to create awesome futures for ourselves.

As Jason also suggests – technology shrinks the lag time between our dreams becoming a reality. I think that is an wonderfully empowering idea too. It would suggest too that the only limitations to what we can achieve are our own thoughts restricting what we think that can achieve.

Beginning of Infinity – A Mashup of techno-optimism!

I like to think that the topography of our own landscapes can be changed and sculpted by our intent. It makes me review my intent and question whether I have limited myself and what I believe I can do and achieve. Have I been suffering from too much techno-pessimism in recent years. The answer to that is bound to be yes.

But what if we have no limitations at all, what would you do if you could utilise technology to achieve awesome things? What would you do if it were true that anything was possible – how would you use technology to make a massive difference to your life and/or to the lives of others?

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