Sorry to see you go

Thank you for letting me know that you know no longer wish to receive emails from me. Whilst I am sorry to see you go, I do understand that things do change and our interests and needs change too. I know too that for us to get the messages that we need and want, we do have to do a clear out every so often as well.

You know where to find me should you discover that you have a need for what I offer. You are more than welcome to pop by any time and resubscribe.

Social Networks, Groups and Online Conversations.

We can of course, still enjoy great conversation. Please feel free to connect with me across any of the other networks where we can probably guarantee the usual lively debates, discussions and banter.  The most up to date list of my profiles will be found on About.Me and you’d be welcome to connect where you feel inclined and inspired to do so. I tend to be most active on Google Plus, Facebook and The Societal Web though.

There is also a Facebook Group dedicated to talking about Marketing which might be of interest too for throwing in a question or two or for demonstrating your own expertise.

Good luck and see you when we see you.


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