The power of the collective awareness can move vast flocks of starlings as they grace our twilight skies, creating a stunning visual flowing dance of dark and light. A magical display to witness. No collisions, no disasters just a beautiful expression of the spirit of a group of starlings as they intuitively fly as one body.

As we first venture into the new and clunky online world, everything is overwhelmingly confusing. Just like when we learn to drive a car, we can too easily become bogged down by trying to remember what we need to do with our various limbs whilst watching out to make sure that we don’t kill anyone on the way.

However, there comes a moment when we can stop thinking about the mechanics and instead begin to go with the flow of just expressing who we are. That is when the magic really begins to happen. As social networks mature they get passed the trivial and petty squabbles and the fights for supremacy. As people learn the craft of being social and master the art of online connection and conversation, so they begin to elevate to a state of grace and sophistication. It takes time to reach the level of understanding both of the technology and how people interact and engage.

Murmuration happens every day in many of our online networks. Thoughts flow out, coincide, flow in and fly amongst the crowds of souls flying amongst the hopes, dreams and ambitions of the world. It is the ultimate and elegant demonstration of seamless collaboration.

It becomes an art form in its own right and transcends the mundane and mechanical where we drive and push to make things happen. Instead, we harness the collective energy of the whole as a natural part of who we are, trust serendipitous moments and are empowered to go with the flow knowing that we will get what we need along the way.

The art of socialmedia murmuration is when collectives form bringing like-minded individuals together to create their own cosmic dance of discovery.

Where do you want to fly? Where do you settle for the night to cogitate on your own experiences and inspirations? Where do you roost in the darkened hours safe in the comforting knowledge that there are other like-minded beings nearby? Which direction will you fly at dawn? Is your destiny to stay in one flock or flit to another more in tune with your life purpose?

Your choice of course.

Murmuration from Islands & Rivers on Vimeo.

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