So …. I have done a thing!

Earlier this year I bought an ex-nhs minibus!

It has kept me somewhat preoccupied over the last few months. The intention is to convert it into a mobile art studio camper van. I definitely want to do more of my art and writing and I definitely want to see more of the country and maybe even visit a friend or two in Europe sometime.

I crave being able to explore more, breathe the mountain air of different parts of this country, stop where the views and mood inspire and indulge in my creativity.

I spent ages looking at different vehicles but they have been complete rubbish or devastatingly expensive. Instinct often hinted heavily at a multitude of sins hidden by hippy rainbows and fantastical fantasy pictures. Perhaps budget was the issue but when I looked at the super expensive motorhomes I was equally appalled by the bland designs and the proliferation of grey on absolutely everything.

I love colour!

The only option was to do the conversion myself.

Right now the bus has been pretty much stripped bare. My parents’ garage is full of a mountain of insulation, sound deadening, solar bits, kitchen bits and kits for setting things up. Over the coming months, I’ll be gradually rebuilding the interior to be like a mini-home.

After much hunting and seeing some ghastly examples, I bit the bullet and bought this at auction. No test drives allowed. You can only hear the engine running and spend time peeking and poking into every crack and corner you can find.

All inspections had to be done AFTER I had put down hard earned cash and driven it home. My team mates were very thorough sniffing and examining every tiny detail. The boys were convinced that this was bought just for them.

All tests passed with flying colours! They are happy!

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