Scrap the ToDo lists – they only get longer

by | May 28, 2017 | Niche Marketing, PR and Sales

Have you noticed that to do lists only ever seem to grow longer? Have you ever wondered why?

It has always puzzled me that the more that I do, the more that I find to do. ToDo lists are awesome in that they provide a checklist for the things that we need to sort in the day/week etc. but I realised that they can be incredibly stressful too. There always seems to be an endless supply of jobs that need to be done and the list never shrinks however hard I work.

I eventually realised that it was very much about the law of attention and focus. The more that I gave attention to the fact that I had things to do the more that I manifested even more things to do. They seemed to appear out of nowhere. After 40 years of being a champion list maker I realised that I need a ToDone list instead.

By focusing on the things on my list having already been done, my tasks achieved and chores finished did the ToDo aspects begin to get smaller. My next quest is to create the ToDone list and learn how to manifest everything being accomplished while I have fun doing other things that are much more fun! That would be very cool.

Happy manifesting lists of things that are now done and dusted!


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