Quantum Leap…

May 28, 2017 | Personal Coaching, Testimonials

I took a quantum leap this morning with the wisdom of Georgina… in 1 hour I went from feeling stuck and imprisoned to moving as a free spirit with endless possibilities. The insights shared have been among the most profound I have received. I move my duty of care to self first,embracing my divine feminine with the freedom to live my soul purpose.
Many, many blessings to you, beautiful lady ☯️✨????
Sandy Simmons – Simply Better Health, Australia

Sandy came to me at a point when she was at a crossroads and was seeking some feedback how to develop her practice. She had a decision to make. Follow a route she’s followed before or perhaps throw off the shackles of history, despite its successes and approach her work in a new, more liberated way.

I immediately got the feeling that Sandy was holding back in sharing her talents. Something that can happen at times when a significant shift is about to happen. It is clear that her desire to be authentic in her practice has led her to explore the true origins of what she does giving her a high level of integrity. Sandy has a great deal of wisdom and experience to share. I love that she is known as the Fertility Alchemist. She has written and published the first of five books tackling the issues around conception and pregnancy and plans to travel more speaking about her work. It was a real pleasure to have been able to help offer some feedback helping her choose the right path for her. More significantly, there was a distinct feeling that she was ready to create a paradigm shift in her work offering up new opportunities in expanding the depth and power of her already established skills on a whole new level. Thank you Sandy for sharing your story. May the awesomeness of your quantum leap take you to new realms of success.


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