pastfuture“Because light travels with a finite speed you have never witnessed anything at the present moment. You have only witnessed the past.”

Hmm – I wonder then how we can enjoy the present moment if we are always already in the past. Are time travel lessons needed to ensure that we focus on what we have perceived to be a tiny fraction of a second in the future or is that just my perception? 😉

Is this what they mean when they say that our thoughts manifest our reality? I know that they do but is this why and how?

Perhaps that means then that it is our thoughts that are really in the present moment and that is why they are projecting our future past?

So if we want to change our present moment into something different or even better, we have to project into what we used to perceive as our future to manifest the things that we want in our present moment so that it can become a part of what we witness of our past in what we used to think as our present moment.

Got it?

As Nassim Haramein aptly puts it

We all perceive a reality that already happened unless we reach the center of our perception by finding the stillness that happens in each of our personal singularities…

Magic happens when we sit still long enough to be able to embrace the silence and stillness in our space. These moments can be the most productive that we have. Stillness is incredibly effective in sorting out the busyness in our lives ensuring that we can achieve our aims more efficiently. If it can create our reality then it makes sense to focus on positive life affirming thoughts that take us somewhere interesting. Does it matter if it is a reality or an illusion? Whatever it is it is always our reality so we might as well make the most of it while we can.

So what are you thinking right now and are those thoughts manifesting more of your past or are they taking you on a journey to your future?

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