One of the things that I am guilty of doing is residing too much in my head. I forget to listen to my heart. I do not always remember that the key is to not spend too much time thinking and just do.

When it comes to my art, I can have a clear idea of what I want to do. In practice, it rarely comes out how I want. I can get frustrated with this at times berating my lack of skills to produce what I imagine.

The materials themselves can often open up new ideas. I did not know this was going to be a mountain landscape when I began. When doing my glass work, I do not know what the final piece will look like until it is completed and I can lift the glass up for the light to reveal what the piece is going to be.

The journey is very much about trusting a creative instinct. The materials have an energy, a calling. Colours, shapes and textures reflect the atmosphere of the moment. The way the light falls on its evolution tells its own story.

The outcomes are no doubt a reflection of my own energy. It’s not just about personal expression or technical skills, it is about what I feel inside.

Making art is so representative of life. We can spend a lot of time visualising our ideal existence but the truth is that until we step outside our front door, we are not manifesting what we need for our own original uniqueness. Our happiest moments cannot enter into our consciousness until we let go of what we think our life should be and instead allow it to be what it needs to be.

It is in the serendipitous surprises where the magic happens: paint reveals the ghosts hidden within the canvas; characters of a book show new plot twists as it is being written; glass glows when light plays and random, unexpected encounters bring insight, inspiration and wisdom.

This is a special kind of magic that cannot be engineered from the head alone.

By allowing what is meant to be in the moment, we are gifted so much more than we can manifest alone.

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