One of the most intense and spectacular rainbows I’ve seen in a while. What fascinates me are the different tones of grey on the cloudy sky. I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation for the way that the band between the bows is so much darker than the rest of the sky.

I think that I might have to try to paint this. Hmm my fingers are twitching all ready to play. I’d love to incorporate rainbows in my glass work but not the garish primary colours that most artists and designers use. I’m intrigued as to how to create the iridescent hints of these colours that somehow gives the sky a subtle sheen.

At some point I’d like these to evolve into other products. Time will tell which stay the course and which get eclipsed by better designs ideas.

#raining #rainbowart #photographyart #inspiringnature #magicalskies #rainbows

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