Off to the seaside today to do more decluttering. No doubt I’ll be doing my10,000 steps just walking back and forth in the house. Lots to do and plenty to organise. This is a different kind of letting go here as I let go of what I thought I’d be doing here. My vision was to run creative and personal retreats for visionaries and innovators. A place to feed my soul with inspiring conversations with people who push out the boundaries of possibility and seek to create a better world. A place for artists, writers, entrepreneurs, inventors and technologists to come together to collaborate, co-create and have fun, to invent new futures whilst celebrating the best of the past, to share, support and contribute to the collective pot of wisdom and experience for us all to drink from wherever we need and want. Focusing on women empowering women became a recurring theme in my thinking. The house would have been a wonderful foundation having been designed and crafted by my parents using a lifetime obsession with collecting architectural reclamation and design ideas. Being energy independent it follows our ethos of living lightly which is increasingly important for so many reasons. Whilst it is very, very sad to let this go it is also an invaluable opportunity to envision a different way to manifest my ideas. The reality is that there would have been a lot of hard work in between the juicy bits I fantasised about to make my ideas work fully. So now letting go of this magnificent work of art and the dream creates space for something new to unfold. ‘Watch this space’ begins to take on a whole new depth of meaning. ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #womeninleadership #empoweringwomen #womeninspiringwomen #celebratingwomen #collectiveconsciousness #mindfulness #consciousness #higherconsciousness #universe #positivevibes #wisdom #peace #consciousnessshift #energy #spiritualawakening #movingontobetterthings #inspiration #lettinggoofthepast #lettinggo

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