Nothing like home made jam. Rich and delicious so the 8 jars from what is now my third batch are not going to last terribly long. It’s especially delicious with a hint of orange. Might add more orange to the next batch. I’ve yet to find a successful sugar free recipe yet so if you have a tried and tested one, please share. The raspberries are particularly abundant this year so we have to think of ways to keep enjoying them through the winter. Lots of big fat juicy fruits full of flavour. This variety should keep offering fruit up until October November so Ive invested in a dehydrator. It arrived this morning so will be playing with it later today. ???? Again if you have tried and tested ways of using a dehydrator I’d love to learn from you. #selfsufficiency #homegrown #raspberryjam #homemade #organicgardening #foodpreservation #winterstores #naturalfood #naturesabundance #realfood

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