Personally I feel that we live in incredibly exciting times. Never in the history of mankind has the individual had so much say in the way that things are being done and this is increasing at an exponential rate. It isn’t just about the freedom of speech it is about the freedom of expression of who we are as individuals and what we believe in. If we disagree with any authorities in the world then we as people are beginning to find ways to express how and why we do not concur with the powers that be. More importantly more of us are being enabled to express how we would like to see things changed and come up with solutions ourselves to effect that change. The collective intelligence of the world is being brought into action ensuring that power is not for the few elite but for the masses.

In every story there a is a moment when magic can begin to happen. Critical mass has been achieved. The hundredth monkey has taken on the new wisdom and we see things change. The collective intention of the world ensures that we are making changes for the better. By beginning small with each and every individual we can become a part of that change and miracles begin to happen.

Many of us fear the worst that can happen – we focus on trying to stay away from armageddon and global annihilation. Whilst we may feel that this is truth I am of the opinion that we have the power to change that truth into one of salvation and enlightenment. For many who are perhaps less fortunate may believe that it would take a miracle to make that shift happen – they believe that it would take a miracle to save us now from a path doomed for destruction. I, on the other hand, have every faith in humanity and know that people are essentially good, honest and loving creatures. I also have every faith that if we look for the miracles in our lives then we can begin to transform the world one thought at a time, one minute at a time, one person at a time. The butterfly effect of that can only take us into a new era where miracles can and will happen.

So what is your miracle? What miracles have happened to you? Do you need a miracle? How would having a miracle make things perfect for you?

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