Too often people try to broadcast their message chanting the mantra “Sell. Sell. Sell” And then they wonder why it doesn’t work. Time and again, I see luxury businesses saying things like “Step into the luxurious world of …” Uhh – no! Wrong message entirely. The people who are likely to buy luxury good are already in their own luxurious world – so what on earth is so special about yours?

Think for a moment about the stories that encapsulate the essence of your business and focus on the artistry and the story of craftsmanship. Regardless of whether you are selling a concierge service, gourmet delicacies or indeed a work of art, it is the story that matters not how expensive it is.

In this book that we are working on now, we focus on the inspirations and the subtle details that form a part of the creative process which aim to draw people in to the atmosphere of luxurious elegance whilst offering a plethora of emotional experiences that range from the raw to the sublime. The power lies in the motivations that drives the artist and creator – not the status of labels.

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