Magical Master Class with Dr Pauline Crawford Omps & Georgina Lester

For female entrepreneurs looking for their unique differential

This is a rare opportunity to take a look into the mirror of your current challenges and issues as female entrepreneurs – even when you think you’ve got it right, maybe you still don’t receive those rich rewards? This taster day explores the key aspects and YOU and YOUR marketing in a simply magical manner.

Find out how you add that extra magic in your business success. Learn to top tips from International Experts Pauline Crawford­-Omps and Georgina Lester.

SUN 19th February 2017 RM 350 per person. 
Group size max 12. Women only. Venue – Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

Contact 013 235 2225 to confirm your place or click here to book online.

One-to-one sessions available on request Friday 17th – Sunday 26th February selected times.


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Discover the Real MAGIC that is YOU 

Learn how Magical Conversations add to your success with Pauline Crawford-Omps


Communicate with passion as an authentic female and create a truly memorable impact.  Learn how to relate to men and women, raise your game and gain personal and professional success.

This workshop will show you new ways to express your personal passion and expand natural power as a female with many amazing natural attributes.  Find out how to juggle your career goals & your desired balanced life style and still express yourself as a female

Learn how to:

  • Create a memorable impact and express yourself clearly
  • Communicate with an authentic female advantage
  • Present your best image and professional presence always
  • Receive positive responses from men and women every time!

You will gain

  • Personal insight into your magic and how to express yourself easily
  • New ways to attract magical conversations that add to your success
  • 10 daily principles to establish consistent great relationships

Workshop Facilitator – Dr Pauline T. Crawford, Founder & CEO Corporate Heart Ltd UK President of World Association of Visioneers & Entreprenologists (WAVE)

Ambassador of Magical Conversations – Founder of Corporate Heart UK Specializing in Image – Gender Dynamics – Communication – Performance.

  • 25 years as a successful consultant, with a primary expertise in Gender Dynamics© programs, seminars and courses
  • Her career includes work in tourism, marketing, creative design, image consultancy, and business psychology.
  • She leads High-Impact Communication Workshops, Magical Conversations© and Gender Intelligence Leadership©
  • Pauline has also developed well researched models, concepts, tools and techniques and conducted seminars in the UK and Europe on Wellness Cultures, Performance and Employee Engagement.
  • Her PhD research into Wellness Cultures in 2004/5 covered 12 public and private companies, results were presented at the Department of Trade and Industry in 2004.
  • Currently residing in Malaysia (2013-present) working with the Ministry of Women, Family & Community Development, MyWIN Academy, WestStar Aviation and BAC Education group at Brickfield Asia College in Kuala Lumpur.
  • UK Clients cover all sectors and include Barclays, HP Consulting, eBay, BT, Innovation Norway, Urenco, London Metropolitan University and many more.
  • International conference speaker for over 25 years, Pauline has been featured on TV, and radio, is the Past President of The Federation of Image Consultants UK (TFIC) 1992-94. In Malaysia since 2013, she has presented at many functions including the IFTDO (International Federation of Training & Development Organisations), IWAKL (International Women’s Association of KL) and many more.
  • Her passion is to enable men and women alike to leverage their own unique natural potential and achieve success both professionally and personally, and to ensure magical conversations occur to resolve, resume and re-energize the best results in all situations.

Through a magical conversation in 2011, Pauline met and married her soulmate Jim. She was 62 and he 67 at the time. Whether for your business or your life, magical conversations make the difference. Be in control of yours!

Pauline’s will show you the way to be the best you can naturally be – and especially as women – natural leaders, entrepreneurs, mothers, sisters, team players, career professional and all round rising stars!

She has enabled 1000s of men and women to transform their personal impact, influence their career path, and achieve great success in all they do. Her experience comes over 30 years working at all levels of business and yet impacting lives across the corporate and public sector businesses in the UK, and recently developing female entrepreneurs in Malaysia.

Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Aunty, Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Wife and Friend, Pauline shares from her heart and her wise experience to be the best.

The Magic of Mindful Marketing

Focusing on Conversations that matter to grow your business with Georgina Lester.

The world is changing far faster than any human being can comprehend. We are bombarded with a colossal mountain of information every day – all of it persistently, constantly and relentlessly demanding our attention. The same is true for your customers so how can you attract their attention and keep it long enough to get them to buy?

This workshop will illustrate how you can begin to develop a marketing strategy that enables you to find clients efficiently and effectively.

You will learn:

  • About the customer journey and how to attract attention of your ideal clients
  • How to develop a practical system that measures results to get best returns
  • About the role of magical conversations to nurture valuable relationships
  • Why you need to focus on lifetime value to create a sustainable business

You will gain

  • Clarity about where you need to focus your attention with marketing your business
  • An understanding of how to reach your best and most valuable customers
  • The beginnings of a map that will help you to create a consistent focus for your marketing activities


Georgina Lester – Intuitive, coach, mentor and consultant. Writer, artist and designer. 

Georgina has spent the last thirty five years in business both in her own and the family business set up by her parents Charles and Patricia Lester. As an artist and designer she developed her glass design business designing and producing art table ware and stained glass jewellery and art pieces. At its peak the business was supplying nearly 80 galleries and specialist boutique outlets around the UK, Japan and Europe.

It was no surprise given her lifetime of experiences of being closely involved in the family business which specialised in beautifully crafted luxury wearable art for women and unique interiors textiles. This business is still going strong and has over the years supplied some of the top stores most luxurious stores in the world, been featured in the most prominent press and magazines in numerous countries with customers from all walks of life including A list Hollywood celebrities, British Royalty and some of the wealthiest and most iconic change makers of the world.

This lifetime of experience in luxury arts and artisan businesses has led to the development of her own marketing blueprint that can be applied to any business, in any sector, in any niche of any size in any part of the world. The focus is developing a strategy that logically deals with the mechanics of marketing allowing you to focus on the conversations that matter leading to a lifetime of value

Whilst she specialises in the world of arts, luxury and artisan businesses she regularly branches out to work with people who have “ideas worth spreading”. This might include a whole plethora of exciting and worthwhile endeavours such as renewable energies, environment, permaculture, organic, gourmet foods, humanitarian projects, spiritual development and personal empowerment. The more unusual, obscure, quirky and random it is the more likely she will be curious about the potential possibilities. She follows the philosophy that if when people connect and something resonates then what they choose to work on together will soon become apparent.

Georgina is currently staying in Bali in Indonesia concentrating on writing two books whilst enjoying connecting with many other like-minded individuals who are exploring the frontiers of a rapidly changing world. The first book is primarily focused on marketing and business development sharing the philosophies and methodologies of her marketing blue print. The second book is about her views on “Thriving in an Era of Exponential” and discusses how we as artists of our practice can embrace the phenomenal technological developments that are transforming our world. This is of course without losing a sense of who we are and what we are designed to be on this planet.

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