Loo Roll Lotto: you just don’t know whether you’re going to get a treat or toy or …. nothing. There’s a knack to getting small objects out without dropping them down into another tube. They are getting very good at it. This week is definitely about climbing higher and leaping up onto the highest and furthest thing possible. Either that, it’s mewing for games and entertainment. They are very modern children - digital games are aaaawwweesome! Walks in the garden are still tantalising and terrifying in equal measure. Running happens but only when going into the house again. Autumn Leaves are fun to pounce on though. I haven’t had the heart to tell Scott that the bidet is not actually for peeing in. But then perhaps he’ll graduate to using the toilet when he doesn’t risk falling in. They no longer fit into small buckets but instead do this strange upside-down-swizzle-slug-twirl with tail flailing wildly when they realise that they don’t actually fit anymore. And Scott’s new trick when getting me up early in the morning …. is to try his usual tactic of mega purring in my face. If I’m truly not willing to move he now leaps on to the armchair and digs his claws in and SCRATCHES VERY LOUDLY. The little bugger already knows that this will get a swift and immediate reaction from me. Everyday is a new game waiting to be played. #belikeakitten #kittenplay #kittengames #catgames #gamesforcats https://www.instagram.com/p/CGHo8vwJpdd/?igshid=ro28w0b79tvo

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