Lockdown contemplations: Studying the minutiae, the micro and the macro is all that we can do. Omphaloscepsis par excellence. (Navel gazing at its best)! The quest is to find the jewels within and the treasures in our immediate vicinity. It reminds me of a story of a man who traveled the world to seek wisdom only to find it when he returned home. Enforced #stayathome gives us this opportunity unless we see it as a prison sentence. Being imprisoned is a state of mind. There is great freedom to be found and plenty of diamonds to mine. Spring is my favourite time of year as it is such a joy to see new growth and to feel the warmth of the sun breaking through the chill of winter. Autumn is magnificent in all it’s golden glory. I feel that many are going to really struggle this winter especially with the new lockdown measures. Today is the day to keep feeding our souls on sunshine and being able to enjoy the glories of bright autumn days - when we can. It feels like the country is about to go into hibernation for a while. I do hope that you are ok with that. #lockdown #autumnvibes #silentmentor #omphaloscepsis #contemplation https://www.instagram.com/p/CHDCU7FpOek/?igshid=qnqe9tiqf4s1

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