Dandelion of Ideas

We are but the offerings
Of the humble dandelion
Blooming golden
Dreams and ideas.
Flower has blossomed
Seed has grown.
Feathery heads set to fly.
Our hopes and thoughts
Take flight
On the breath
Of inspired imagination.
The whim of the wind
Blows and our dance begins
Where will we go?
What will we see?
Who knows!
We just dance the dance
Of serendipity.

dandelion13We live in our hopes and dreams of achieving phenomenal things, going places and meeting new people. When we crave change, we have to develop such a deep insatiable hunger for that change that we are willing to do anything to make it happen.

If you are anything like me, you want to take everyone with you on this new adventure. Sadly that is not meant to be. It can never be possible. We all have our own lives to lead and our own paths to follow. There are always going to be people that we leave behind. Metaphorically or physically – it is the same.

That fact should never stop us from reaching out and claiming what is rightfully ours. It is our right to live our dreams.

For some just the very idea of leaving anyone behind is enough to stop them reaching out and achieving their full potential. The worry, the sense of loss, the fear of not being around and the fear of being rejected by those they love can be enough to put a lid on any notions of breaking out of the mold into which they were born. The question for me though, is that the right thing to do?

Everyone has a choice – not just you.

dandelion1We have to sometimes accept that others may not wish to walk along the path that we believe will bring us  a brighter and better future. We have to let them make their own decisions about what is right for them.
It is their choice to say that they will come with you or not.
It is their choice to ask you to come back for them when you can.
It is their choice to decide to stay.
It is their choice to find their own light and follow their own dreams.
They may say “I am happy being here. This is my life.” Thy may be trapped in a never ending misery of forgotten hopes whilst they do battle with their demons and the mundane.

Whatever they choose to do, it is their choice to make and not for you to decide.

What we risk when things go wrong at home … and we are not nearby.

Storms may rage at home while we dance in the sunshine in a new and brighter life. We  have to ask ourselves what would we feel if things go wrong back home and we are not there?

If you care the very concept of being helplessly trapped far away is going to be a real challenge. You will want to be there to hold the people you love. When you are in the limelight of your chosen destiny the last thing that you will want is for someone you love to be left behind struggling or even in pain.

The danger is that if we care enough it might stop us from flying. We have to ask ourselves what benefit would it be to them for us to stay at home? Can we not trust the Divine, fate, life itself to bring others to hold their hand, bail them out and mop their brow?

The reality is that we cannot be everywhere at once. A few minutes out shopping can happen at that crucial moment when they needed someone the most. That’s life. We all have to accept at some point in our lives that we are not God, we are not omnipresent. We cannot always be right there even when we are there. When we accept that, then perhaps we can also accept that it doesn’t matter whether we live in the same house or the other side of the world.

What will be will always be.

When you have the opportunity to fly, you have to fly

dandelion15Those that fly, can light the way for others to follow. Those filled with uncertainty and indecision can always take off later if and when they change their mind. If you don’t go, how can you lead the way?

When you take off, that is not the end of the story. Things change. It’s better that they do. Change means growth. Growth means life. No change leads to stagnation. Stagnation leads to a state worse than death.

If you have the opportunity to fly and achieve magnificence then surely it is better to feed the imaginations of the adventurers within everyone fueling their own ambitions with inspirations of exciting new vistas and amazing experiences?

The impact of leaving people behind ……

dandelion11jpgNot everyone understands this desire to disrupt the status quo.They will challenge  you. However they are merely a test to see how serious you really are about doing something different.

Jealousy, rage, worry, fear all fuel the need for them to question anyone who tries to shake things up and make life different. They certainly do not like the security of what they have always known to be disturbed in any way. They are definitely not going to be grateful to those who seek a new world to challenge their own existence. They ask vehemently – Why? What’s wrong with our life here now?

Jealousy and insecurity is a momentary thing. Bringing back the spoils of new smells, new loves, new tastes of new worlds can last forever.

Which would you choose?

The impact of staying and leaving your dreams behind …….

The reality is that there is no right nor wrong answer. There is only our own truth. if we live by that truth then we can only encourage others to do the same. If we don’t live our truth and instead choose to live by others’ rules then we are in effect committing the worst crime of all. By resisting temptation we in fact become complicit in others not being true to themselves. We also deny ourselves the very things that feed our soul. That helps no-one. It can only lead an unconscious existence in which we sleep-walk through the rest of our days. Why would we want to do that?

Even if only given a tiny glimpse of a chance – we have a duty to fulfill our true potential

dandelion3We have a duty to accept the gauntlet that life throws at us. To take up that challenge and face the dangers, pitfalls and triumphs. We have an obligation to life itself to take that leap of faith into the unknown and seek out our holiest of holy grails and be all that we can be.

We can always come back. We have to trust that there is a greater force caring for those we love keeping them.. We can even send postcards and love letters too. Whatever we do, we can at least send home souvenirs of our adventures and explorations knowing that whilst we may not have taken people with us in body, they are always be in our hearts wherever we go. Whatever we do, we must follow our own light and show our true potential.  Just decide to go.

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