There are very few social and business networking sites that are at the front line of modern social media technology but how many of you truly appreciate the significance of those that are?

I am telling you now that this feature is awesome.

For you to LIKE stuff elsewhere and post your LIKINGS onto your Facebook profile is, I am sure going to prove immensely powerful.

The companies who really get how this works are going to be able to capitalise on the power of their fans, followers and customers big time – and have the most valuable social capital amassed to help their brand.

Just watch this video about how Levi’s have integrated the LIKE feature into their shopping.

If you want to see how it works yourself – take a look at the Levi’s store. Unfortunately for those of us in the UK – the site defers to GB store automatically. However I have inserted a link which should take you straight to the American version which has got the feature working.

Check out the Levi’s Facebook fan page for the comments about this feature on Levi’s shopping too and see what other people are saying about this new feature. As you can see – it is VERY new stuff.

So what do you think that the effects of this are going to be on social media marketing?

I am now going to throw this into the workshop discussions on 10th May 2010 when an associate and I plan to look at online reputation and social media marketing to attract more business. Perhaps you would like to join us! This could get VERY exciting as we discuss the potential implications for all of us and how we get our products and services out to a wider audience.

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