Letting Go – Letting You Coaching Programme

This ia a coaching programme dedicated to people who want to make a massive transformational shift in their lives. This is not about building an extension on to what is already there, nor is it a renovation job. This is potentially a deconstruction, clearing the ground for a completely new build. This is about building the life of your dreams.

What is “Letting Go – Letting You” about?

What is your Magnum Opus? What were you put on this planet to do? How can you make your mark on the world, make an impact and make a difference?

Is this you?

Have you ever …
… had the overwhelming urge to walk out of your life and not come back?
… imagined sailing out across the ocean without looking back?
… wondered why everything around you stopped working? Even the parts you thought were ok?
… been stopped in your tracks by illness or circumstances like a divorce, death, bankruptcy or the loss of your job?
… lost all motivation to keep on keeping on?
… felt drawn to a completely new career even though it is from another world entirely?

If you have, then this is an inner calling to something more magnificent, more fulfilling, and more compellingly powerful than you have perhaps experienced before.

It is you crying out to YOU to let yourself be who you really are. This is a calling that cannot be ignored.

How can I help you “Letting Go – Letting You”?

As a walking companion, coach, mentor, friend and intuitive I walk along side you as you unravel life’s meaning and work out where you need to be.

This is a deeply personal working relationship that looks at both private and professional elements that make up your life. Having walked this path myself before, I know what it can entail and what is required to really let go and be all that you can be. As such I combine various approaches to help you to

  • define your objectives
  • identify key blocks and obstacles impeding progress
  • design a bespoke plan designed to work for you.

By combining intuition and logic and allowing you to be  freely creativity whilst applying practical processes to ensure that things happen, we work on whatever needs attention to ensure that you find ways to fulfill your purpose in life.

Intuitive Coaching

Through dialogue and careful listening, we will identify what defines your unique purpose. As an intuitive empath and an experienced psychic I will often pick up on things that cannot be quite so readily seen or felt. Consequently we will often get to the issues much quicker so empowering you to begin to manifest your true potential.

Finding your Magnum Opus.

As your inner world begins to transform you into the who you really are your outer world reflects the new you. Along the way your inner voice needs to be heard by the people who matter most.

This part of the process leads to defining your role in life niche specialisms and how you serve the world. It might lead to developing products and services or even books, keynote speeches and so on.

Manifesting your Life Purpose

Once you are cleared for take off, then we can look at how to develop and bring your purpose into reality. Regardless of whether that is a business, career, your book(s), products, services,, etc. you will need an integrated and holistic marketing and social media plan the reflects your authentic message, purpose and values.


Without any expectations, the results are absolutely about you finding your unique role in life that ensures that you lead a fulfilling existence. The results of that is a life that is secure, safe, financially abundant, healthy, loving, enjoyable and allows you to enjoy the luxury of the best that life has to offer.

Is this for you?

The most important element of a working relationship, especially with one as close as this one, is a sense a connection and resonance. For that reason there is an application process with a 1-2-1 coaching session to ensure that we not only get on well but the timing is right too.

How to find out more

Send an email to me using the form below expressing your interest (or mild curiosity) I will respond generally within 24 hours with an outline of how the application process works so that you know what to expect.

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    What do you hope to achieve?

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