Letting go is not just about releasing the cluttering flotsam & jetsam of our lives. The litany of shoulds, woulds, coulds beat constant reminders of the need for compliance to an old order that no longer serves us. Conformity held us in the safe embrace of the tribe. It ensured our survival. Now, our very survival depends on us walking our own paths. School reports declare ‘could do better!’ Well-intentioned teachers frown upon individuality as they themselves are squeezed into sausage skins rolling out on the conveyor belt of society’s production lines. No! I could have done better if I’d been taught to BE, in the moment, if I’d been shown how to navigate the paths of life’s complexities to discover the exultant joy of learning. I would have done better, if I had been taught how to listen to my own heart’s song. I should have been led in a chorus of colourful souls singing their truths. It would have been the greatest gift to feel each of us pulsing with our own unique passions & purpose. Yesterday I could have achieved more packing & cleaning. The new owners visited. Husband & wife this time. I opted to sit & listen. My life was enriched. After they’d gone I chose to rest, to listen to my body & let go of the need to DO. I will effortlessly do so much more today. The list of shoulds has transformed into a lyrical expression of self care & awareness. The old me would have said I should do more. Today I say I should sit & breathe in the cool morning air. Then the sweet, pungent aroma of freshly spread cow manure pervades my thoughts; bull shit when applied properly can fertilise productivity. I smile! And remember that humour should definitely never be lost. It’s only a momentary whiff & the fresh crisp scents of the sea breeze in. The bees zip and zag. Butterflies flutter by and the white waves ripple their shushing white noise of calm. I drink in the clean fresh energy of a new day. I’m listening to the naked truth of my own heart’s song. .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #motivation #lettinggoofthepast #lettinggo #inspiration #loveyourself #healing #selflove #shoulda #woulda #coulda #songoftheheart #song of the soul https://www.instagram.com/p/CRbEEM3pHx_/?utm_medium=tumblr

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