I’ve enjoyed a weekend of deliciousness. Playing with colour as I reacquaint myself with my watercolour paints whilst listening to music or audio books. I’ve really missed the sense of peace that you get when totally immersed in the creative process. Thoughts can wander freely without having to form any coherent sense like when writing. It’s just BE-ing in the moment. So lucky to already have a very full and complete set of paints to explore and it looks like my favourite colours are still my favourites. A new design emerging which will be transferred to various products soon. I’ll be going through my old portfolios again soon to see what else I can use for new ideas. #peacefulmoments #mindfulness #artandmindfulness #art #stainedglassdesign #stainedglassartist https://www.instagram.com/p/CBdH01WJjYt/?igshid=16wn3bj09r111

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