It’s hot. I keep draping in a Daliesque flop in various corners around the house. I’d like to feel that my melting was as elegant as Dali’s clocks. It is not. I’m sticky & frustrated. I feel like I’m back in Asia except there, air conditioning offers regular respite. I found a fan today. It was like winning the lottery. They say that contrast enhances appreciation. Oh my! I’m so in love with this fan. I do a very unladylike pose as I flash my flesh to its cooling embrace. I meditate. Please let me manifest a good breeze. I visualise trees waving & grasses bending as delicious currents of cool air wisp through the house. Normally I am really good at that kind of thing. A single grass seed head nods, mocking my aspirations to be God for a moment. Nothing. From room to room, I try to concentrate but all I can think about is that normally keeping cool here is not an issue. The house overlooks the ocean, so there’s always air moving up from the chilled waters below. Instead, I flop on the nearest settee. Every bit of furniture feels the weight of my struggle. I think that my brain cells have actually started to drip like gobs of ice cream sliding down a cone. I try to remember being in Bali where I’d got used to the heat. But, the sensations of delectable air conditioning taunted me all the more. Until I remembered. There might not be air conditioning here but there is a very sophisticated air cooling system. Clever exchange units draw hot air out of the house & pull in fresh air cooled in large pipes buried underground. I can’t believe it has taken several scorching days to remember this very obvious fact. My God status has been restored. I CAN manifest comfort. I feel spectacular. How often do answers lie unseen, right in front of us as we grapple with our lack and struggle? I went to sleep to the gentle shushing of fans. All it took was a shift in perspective. .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #inspiration #positivevibes #shiftingperspectives #blessed ⁣#shift #consciousnessshift #energyshift #shiftyourenergy #spiritualshift #shiftyourperspective #mindsetshift #mindsetshifts #shiftyourmindset

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