It’s chucking it down with rain which is probably a good thing as I need to concentrate on packing and not get distracted by the wildlife. A fox moseying in the grass in front of the house looking for snacks in front of the house - such a treat to see. Today a peregrine landed on the roof for a moment and as usual there are a plethora of birds dropping in all through the day. This will be hard to let go. A delightful treat yesterday - having afternoon tea with a neighbour who baked a gluten free cake especially for my visit. One of the most delicious I’ve tasted. I’m definitely going to miss that. I still have a major problem letting go of books. Three days so far packing an amazing collection of art, design, history and various miscellaneous books on a variety of obscure and random topics. Books I have yet to enjoy perusing so they all have to be kept. It’s hard to let go of these too. #hardtoletgo #lettinggo #lettingyou #movingonwithlife #naturessurprises

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