It has been many years since I have focused on my art. It is time that I pandered to the yearning to create instead of just coaching and supporting other artists to promote in their own creative explorations.

It will be a bit of a meandering: an experimentation with one thing or another; witnessing ideas evolve naturally and allowing materials to show me what they want to be. All I know is that I want to take my art to the next level.

This might be a bit of a surprise for some having only ever known the business coach and marketing consultant. Others’ will have assumed that I have always been involved in the family business and the creativity belongs to my parents alone. A few will know me as a writer - amongst other things. A tiny handful will recognise the artist who started out designing stained glass many years ago.

Life moves on and the emphasis shifts as the years help us to evolve and grow. I am hyper creative and need an outlet for that creativity. I have too many ideas to not explore and have fun doing it.

My primary medium is stained glass having studied Architectural Stained Glass shortly after leaving school. It was a very traditional course that taught the best practices of this very old art form. Sadly there isn’t a course like it any more. We were lucky to be there at the time. The techniques taught were a great foundation. The processes though are lengthy and time consuming. Personally I prefer to work directly with materials to see what they do and allow designs to evolve naturally.

Painting is a step in a new direction allowing me to sketch out ideas and see how colours, light and texture work in different scenarios. I photograph things pretty much most days. I have a plethora of inspirational scenes and landscapes to use… that is until I can get out and about exploring the country in my art bus.

In the meantime, I also have about thirty boxes of scrap cullet glass from the studio of my old tutor to sort through and file with the glass that I already have. It’s a big job and may take me a while.

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