Buddha-BellaThe idea of The Billionaire Blog is to get me to shift my thinking from the confines of day-to-day existence ensuring that I do not stay stuck in mediocrity and compromised ideals. This is about shifting thinking, dreaming big and imagining the magic that we can do if we had all the resources we could dream of. I want to allow my imagination free rein to dream of the greatest magic and beautiful solutions to help humanity and to enjoy the most of our incredible and magnificent planet.

It certainly helps to think about others first and how we can make a difference to their lives. Whilst we could just imagine waving our magic wand and just fix things, that is no where near as much fun nor as creative as going on a journey of exploration looking at the possibilities.

As with anything, ideas flow as and when appropriate. I anticipate that the style and themes of the blogs will evolve as my thoughts evolve. I can only hope that they will go from something potentially quite crude and basic to increasingly sophisticated in possibility but who knows what will emerge. That is after all part of the fun of the blog.

I’d certainly recommend doing this, as it is not only interesting to see what lies beneath the surface of your thoughts but also does have an impact on your thinking with your own life and  business. You get to think bigger, bolder and more aligned with your own values and beliefs and that can only be a good thing.

If we have no imagination then we have no inspiration to grow and develop. Fantasy fuels the the mind and our perception of what is possible. Imagination inspires creative thought triggering us to think beyond boundaries and convention. So I am encouraging my imagination to fly.

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