I’m too old to be fussed with fakes and fools who profess loyalty, understanding and affection but whose actions speak a deeper truth of mistrust, disloyalty and suspicion. There comes a time when truth resonates so deeply that it is impossible to turn back and be who we were before. Empowerment comes when we can discern when we hear truth spoken. Daily meditation brings flow and alignment. Alignment leads to inspired action which becomes so much more efficient and effective than flailing in busy-ness. Alignment also brings people with the right energy and intentions which align to our own. So … I’m too old to not live in harmony with my own life purpose; too jaded by false facades and fake gods; too weary of battling with others’ fears, suspicions and misapprehensions; above all too enlightened to not know the difference between truth and lies. The hardest lesson for me has been to learn to trust my gut, my intuition and not always believe what I hear. I’m getting better at that. More like my cats. They have always known what is true too. From now on the energy needs to be right. For us to work, be or socialise together I must feel the truth of what you say. I’m an empath by the way, so you cannot get away with saying what you think that I want to hear. Energy doesn’t lie. I hear the words that are left unspoken clearer than you think although your secrets are yours to keep. I will not judge you for your fears and vulnerabilities or condemn you for not knowing all the answers or for making what you deem as mistakes. For those of us brave enough to reveal the core of who we really are, the more likely we will enjoy the discoveries as we allow the great unfolding of our unique artistry and our shared story. I see you! Let the adventures begin. . .. . #truth #energy #energydoesntlie #resonance #vulnerability #empathy #consciousness #consicousbusiness #alignment #purpose https://www.instagram.com/p/CW6sEChIP7S/?utm_medium=tumblr

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